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Hier sehen Sie einen Zusammenschnitt einiger Produktionen, die alex.falk in letzter Zeit realsieren durfte. Mit dabei waren zufriedene Kunden wie die BMW, Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte, HD+, Babor und andere nahmhafte internationale Unternehmen, die alex.falk Businessfilme vertrauen.

Kundenstimmen zu meinen Imagefilmen

Reiner SCT
Steffen Kirchner Deutschland GmbH
"alex.falk Businessfilms goes above and beyond. Alex Falk demonstrated many of the qualities on which we pride ourselves. He's compassionate, creative, and detail-oriented. We commissioned Alex to film a 3-day internal event and create two videos: one for our new company brand and one for our flagship product. Making a pair of 3-minute videos from 24+ hours of footage is a daunting task – especially when the footage isn't in your native language. Alex took on the challenge and the results were excellent. He didn't simply create videos – he told emotionally riveting stories. He developed two truly inspirational videos that convey the enduring passion that we have for our patients and our work. The Baxalta Global Immunology team is proud to have partnered with Alex."
Matt Kozak, Marketing Manager // Baxalta Inc.
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